Financial Products


Our Financial Advisory Services are designed for individuals and families to help alleviate the burden of managing their own finances and or wealth. By delegating their investment portfolio management and financial planning needs to MBS, our clients will have more time to focus on making other strategic decisions as well as having more time to pursue their hobbies, love for family, passion, work or all of these combined.

Utilizing a rigorous and recognized process for financial planning as defined by the Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS), we at MBS are able to counsel and advise our clients according to their needs.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Beginning with your goals in mind, we then analyse your current situation e.g. assess assets, liabilities, cash flow. taxes, insurance in force and estate planning documentation. This process reveals whether you can achieve your life goals.

The next step is the development of a written financial plan, followed by implementation of prioritized recommendations. In the ever-changing economic climate, periodic reviews and updates are provided to ensure that objectives are being achieved.

Investment Planning

Advise on appropriate investment strategies and instruments in achieving your required rate of return and risk profile. Ongoing updating on the progress of the investment plan will be provided.

Risk Management and Insurance Planning

Preparing a comprehensive insurance program to ensure that you are properly and adequately insured against death, disability, long-term care and serious illnesses. Providing yearly review to ensure that the insurance program is still suitable for you.

Tax and Estate Planning

Co-ordinating with our associate lawyers and accountants to help you set up Trusts and Wills, and reduce the tax payable (legally) where possible.