Name: Lionel Ong

Appointment: CEO & Managing Director

Contact: 63443838

Lionel Ong, the founder of MBS is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner and a Licensed Senior Financial Advisor Representative. He is the firm foundation that MBS rests upon. With his vast experience of more than 30 years and knowledge in the financial sector, he is our company's compass, giving MBS its clear direction for the past 25 years.

Name: Betty Ong

Appointment: Director, Head Accounts, Claims, Systems & Training Departments

Contact: 63443838

Betty Ong, the co-founder of MBS is a Licensed Senior Financial Adviser Representative. She plays a vital role in the company's operations especially in areas of administration, financial control and claims. Her dedication and passion for her job has been instrumental and inspiring for the rest of the team. Her energy is no where like a lady of her age.