Logo Write-up


The three letters, MBS, is the abbreviation of the company's name, Metropolitan Broking Services.

Our company's motto is also derived from these letters which stands for, Much Better Service.

The colour green signifies Life & Growth. The lighter shade of green is similar to that of the colour of young leaves while the darker shade is like the mature ones. This means that your insurance and financial investments that you entrust us with will grow steadily and healthily.

The oval shape symbolises an egg. This means that MBS will be your best provider in insurance and financial investments from cradle to the grave and from one generation to another.

An egg also means that your insurance and financial investments will grow and eventually "hatch" into handsome returns for you.

The sky is blue and limitless. Thus blue in the logo means that MBS provides you with endless opportunities to partner with.

The white patch within the blue logo is like the ray of light shining through the sky, signifiying hope and future with MBS.